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ECON 312 Virtual Classroom Live Lesson Recordings
March/May 2018

Normally, this page would say, "Check this section often to learn more about Live Lesson meeting times and recordings". For the MAY18 session, however, the Professor who presents the Virtual Classroom Live Lessons to all of the ECON312 courses sections will be unavailable. To ensure you can still benefit from his presentations, his MAR18 recorded presentations links will be made available to you here, and you can come here each week to watch the recording for that week and prepare for the discussions and assignments!

You can click on the "View Recording" button. Also see the additional notes below the table.

WEEK 1 This first Live Lesson session recording provides a tour of the ECON312 Canvas environment, beginning with the Start Here Navigation Tour and how to access the Student Resource Center. We reviewed the Syllabus and discussed the importance of reading Announcements and going to the Modules to access our weekly assignments. We also discussed how to participate in the discussions. In addition, we reviewed the key concepts covered in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 from your textbook. View Recording
WEEK 1 - VoiceThread Tutorial Remember that you will have to create a Voice Thread for one of your discussion posts every week, so be sure to review the resources in the Student Resource Center (SRC). Click Start Here Navigation Tour to get to the SRC and then click Home to access the resource library. Also take a look at this professor's tutorial: View Recording
WEEK 2 This week, the recorded session provided a review of Week 2 key concepts and how to approach some of the quiz questions. The session also addressed Week 2 assignments, primarily the Course Project and the Multimedia Discussion Posts. View Recording
WEEK 3 This week, the recorded session provided an overview of the Week 3 Assignments. We also explored production, productivity, and production costs in 4 different market structures. View Recording
WEEK 4 This week, the recorded session provided an overview of the Week 4 Assignments. We also explored price control, trade, and global markets. View Recording
WEEK 5 This week, the recorded Live Lesson session provided an overview of the Week 5 Assignments and required reading. We also explored some of the central concepts of macroeconomics including GDP, Aggregate Demand, and Aggregate Supply. View Recording
WEEK 6 This week, the recorded Live Lesson session provided an overview of Week 6 Assignments with emphasis on Group Project. We also explored two key macroeconomic concepts, Unemployment and Consumer Price Index (CPI). View Recording
WEEK 7 This week, the recorded session provided an overview of Week 7 Assignments as well as Week 8 Final Assignment (Reflection Paper). We also explored the role of money and banking, as well as the Monetary and the Fiscal Policies. View Recording

Please note the following about these recordings:

  • When you click the link and the Recording Information page opens, click Playback.
  • A registration page opens, so just enter your First Name, Last Name, City, State, Email Address, and Professor Name and click Submit in the bottom right corner, and the recording will begin.
  • If the link does not open, copy the link into a new browser window.
  • If it still doesn't play, you may need to clear your browser history/cache/cookies and try again.
  • If it recording begins, but it sounds glitchy, pause the recording and allow it to buffer before restarting it.

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